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Over 300,000 Loyalty Discounts from the World’s Best Brands


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Does your customer retention program have the value it takes to help build customer loyalty? With DFS loyalty solutions on your side, now you can be sure it will.

DFS private-label discount programs and loyalty reward programs feature exclusive savings from popular restaurants, retailers, hotels, theme parks and more. Your program can be fully customized to match your brand, your target audience, and your customer retention strategy – offering you and your members:

  • Exclusive discounts at over 300,000 locations nationwide
  • Up to 50% off from America’s top brands and local stores
  • Your own online loyalty website
  • Loyalty-building email campaigns
  • A custom loyalty card
  • Loyalty marketing support materials
  • Toll-free customer service

A Loyalty Program with Lasting Value

Why do otherwise loyal customers churn out of your organization after a short period? Chances are they struggle with finding the value. By giving them the keys to the DFS discount network, you’ll add tangible value to them in dollars and cents.

Imagine your customer going to your own online savings portal every time they plan a shopping trip, a visit to the grocery store, or a family vacation. Imagine your loyalty program saving them hundreds of dollars a year at their favorite national brands and local retailers.

By offering savings with the companies they shop and spend with every day, you’ll become the most relevant brand they encounter. In other words, when your customers save big money at the places they shop every day, you can be sure they won't be going anywhere soon. It's the ultimate retention strategy.



Recent Member Testimonials
Why eat for full price when you can eat for half? I have found some great restaurants that I will frequent again and again because they were so good! Thanks to my DFS card! - Jaylynne Kemerly - Pennsylvania
I saved over $900 when I booked my vacation by using my card. The hotel we stayed at was $279.00+ a night with my card. I received it at 129.00 a night. What a savings! - Kim Rood - Texas
We saved over $1,500 on our honeymoon to Cancun, Mexico!' - Eduardo Zunita - California
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